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Easylite Integrated Lighting System (ILS) Overview

Easylite is a manufacturer of energy efficient, controlled, integrated lighting systems that provide energy savings, lighting flexibility, and increased productivity. The Easylite ILS is designed to save money and energy both in on-going operating costs as well as the initial design and installation. Easylite’s flexible design enables systems that can save energy in an entire facility, floor, or a single room. The modular design provides a growth path to easily expand your system and add additional control strategies as your needs evolve.

Easylite maximizes the benefits of energy savings from automated control systems while providing users the flexibility they need to maximize their productivity. Easylite ILS capabilities include:

  • Integrated system including ballasts and controls from a single provider to ensure optimal system performance.
  • Integrated low voltage control power from the ballast significantly reduces installed system cost – no need to run line voltage conduit or additional power packs for control wiring.
  • Total facility integration path through BACNet, and other open standards, to include HVAC and other systems for total building energy management.
  • Flexible and simple system – from our modular design concepts, through installation, and on-going use and management.
  • Superior system installation, service, and support through our Installing Distributor partners.

Easylite systems incorporate our industry leading products including:

Controllable, Dimming Fluorescent Ballasts – T8 & T5-HO

Lighting Controls & Peripherals

Lighting Management Software & Facility Management Integration