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BACNet Gateway

Easylite Integrated Lighting System (ILS) Software Overview

Although one of the benefits of the Easylite ILS is that the system can operate without a PC or management software, there are significant capabilities and benefits when adding centralized software control to your system.

Easy-Talk is the windows-based Easylite ILS management software. Easy-Talk works in conjunction with Address-a-lite zoning modules and our Host Interface to centrally control lighting zones and schedules.

Easy-Talk software provides a graphical user interface (GUI) which enables the user to view and control the lighting status in each of up to 256 independent zones. Schedules may be set on the half hour 24/7, zone dimming levels visually verified, zone KW demand levels and ramp rates set, and real time building peak kW monitored through the GUI.

BACNet Gateway
Easylite supports open standards for lighting and building control. Our BACNet gateway is the first of several products which will allow the Easylite ILS to integrate with building control protocols.

Easylite ILS and BACNet Gateway are currently deployed and operated using the Tridium Niagara framework and Invensys building control software.

Lighting Software Management Applications:

  • Light level control by zone
  • Time of day scheduling by zone
  • Real time indication of Lighting total kW demand
  • Flexible Peak Demand strategies:
    • Scheduling by zone of kW demand reduction
    • Setting of building demand kW target with automatic dimming response by zone schedule and ramp rate schedule
    • KYZ load shedding function can respond directly from electrical demand meter
    • Manual, on-demand load shedding capability (zone or global override)

The Address-a-lite zoning module allows you to simultaneously control your lighting system both locally utilizing Easylite controls and remotely with Easylite ILS management software.

You can create individual, addressable zones of lighting, independently controlling each zone’s usage parameters. Separate areas of your facility can enjoy different light levels, independent schedules for centralized time-clock control, unique strategies for Daylight Harvesting and peak demand load shedding. The Address-a-lite combines centralized building management with personal local control for improved comfort and maximum lighting efficiency.