Ballast Specification

Low Profile T8

Low Profile T5HO

Easylite Integrated Lighting System (ILS) Ballasts

Easylite dimming ballasts are the foundation of the Easylite Integrated Lighting System. Our dimming ballasts adjust light levels with patented technology that utilizes low voltage controlled frequency modulation. They quickly and easily connect to create zones and interface to the control network using our own class 2, plenum rated wiring, with RJ-11 terminations for ‘Plug-and-Play’ installation.

Easylite offers two ballast products to support numerous lighting applications and fixture types:

  • Low Profile T8 – 1 thru 8 lamp configurations
  • Low Profile T5HO – 1 thru 4 lamp

All Easylite ballasts provide a continuous dimming range down to 10% of normal light output. Our ballasts are also the coolest operating and most efficient dimming ballasts available today. As part of the Easylite ILS they give you the power to create a customized lighting environment that enhances employee productivity, while reducing energy and maintenance costs.